Once again, we’re proud to introduce to you our newest Eighty Dollars Bill Referral Program Design for Motor Club Of America

MCA Eighty Dollars Bill Referral Program 2 Sided Design“.

Here’s A Quick Way To Get More Leads!

Fake money drop cards are an effective way to advertise your business! Would you walk past a $80 bill and not check it out?

Eighty Dollar Bill Dropcard Cards!

Look and feel like real money. Customized Ad on the inside.

Photo picture of you to get eye contact with your leads.

Where can I use them?

At the Mall People walking around the mall spending their hard earned cash, what a surprise it would be finding money on the ground!

In the Parking lot I go to get in my car and low a behold a $80 bill sitting at my feet…what a day!

Anywhere! People don’t put these down after picking them up….even if they don’t want them! They have to show others!!